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Who is Real Estate Counselor?
A professional providing technical knowledge

“Real Estate Counselor” is the title given to those professionals that hold high level of expertise in the field of counseling pertinent to real estate with high work ethics. It is endowed only to the applicants who have been accepted after screening by JAREC, a NPO, based on certain criteria, followed by completion of all certification training programs and an oral exam.

The Association consists of certified members, supporting members (individual), supporting members (corporate), regular member and Advisers for Property Strategy, but only the certified members are permitted to call themselves as “Real Estate Counselor.”

Following the certification, by meeting certain requirements the member may apply for a membership in RICS, which known as Direct Entry system.

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Definition of real estate counseling

Real estate counseling service may be broadly defined as: “The service of providing impartial and unbiased advice, technical guidance and appropriate decisions on various issues involved in diversified areas of real estate, in whole or in part of all aspects of business, such as sales, lease, management, planning, financing, valuation and appraisal, statement of opinions and other similar services. The counseling service shall also include demonstrating part or all of these functions.”

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Skills required for real estate counselors
  ・ Analyze asset value ・ Structure investment scheme
  ・ Conduct research ・ Negotiate and arbitrate between stakeholders
  ・ Business performance evaluation ・ Organize transactions
  ・ Forecast investment result ・ Induce actions of clients
  ・ Develop plans to achieve goals ・ Establish project plans
  ・ Identify and analyze issues and
・ Provide technical evidence
  ・ Market research ・ Conduct surveys based on requests from real estate
   service providers
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HOMEAbout Real Estate Counselor>Main activities of real estate counselors
Main activities of real estate counselors

Real estate counseling activities consist of five business divisions of “Town Planning,” “Real Estate Development,” “Real Estate Management,” “Private Asset Advisory” and “Global.”

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