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Japan Association of Real Estate Counselors (hereinafter “the Association”), a non-profit organization, recognizes the importance of personal information and shall adopt the following guidelines to appropriately protect, use and manage all personal information obtained by the Association while continually work to improve and ensure security protection of information in all areas of its activities.

1. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
The Association shall comply with the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Law) that applies to the protection of the personal information, as well as all other relevant laws and regulations.
2. Obtaining and use of personal information
The Association shall acquire personal information in an appropriate and lawful manner and shall use within the scope as prescribed in the purpose of use presented at the time of acquisition and only to the extent necessary in performing its activities.
3. Security measures
The Association shall put in its best effort to ensure precise handling of personal information while placing security measures to avert any leak, loss or damage.
4. Complaints regarding handling of personal information
The Association, in the event of having requested to stop disclosing, makes amendments to or delete personal information, or upon receipt of complaints or enquiries in regards to handling of personal information, shall act appropriately in a swift manner and in good faith.
5. Continuous Improvements
The Association shall work to continually improve its handling of personal information (including security measures) including periodic review as required.
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