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Message from the Chairman

In November 2021 Japan Association of Real Estate Counselors will celebrate its 32th anniversary since its founding.
With the association's independent certifications - “ Real Estate Counselor” and“ Real Estate Strategic Advisor” - gaining further recognition, it is our intention to serve the society more than ever as a group of real estate professionals working with a clear vision and strategies that accommodate the changing needs while carrying the legacy of pioneers and our predecessors.
The association has delivered countless messages to the society through various activities including survey, research, making recommendation, training, publication, and certification in the course of proactively tackling various real estate-related issues in a progressive manner. However, with the changes in our nation's socioeconomic climate in recent years, the demand for real estate counseling is increasingly complex and sophisticated which calls for highly-skilled business-savvy professionals with great knowledge and expertise.
Given the current situation, we have recently restructured our counseling business and established five divisions - “Town Planning,” “Real Estate Development,” “Real Estate Management,” “Private Asset Advisory” and “Global Business.” We ask for your continued support as we plan to continue our effort in improving value of real estate counseling business in Japan by collecting and sharing information among these specialized fields and through external activities.

Chairman Hiroshi MOKI

Overview of the Association

Establishment of real estate counselor system

Real estate counselor system was established in the USA and now the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) has been active in various areas of the industry.
In order to accommodate the diversifying demands for real estate, Japan's “real estate counselor system” was founded in 1989 for the purpose of training specialists, who would provide counseling services with their expertise in real estate appraisal as the core. Following its foundation, a membership association comprising individuals with the title of“ Real Estate Counselor” was founded.
JAREC strives to be an organization similar to The CRE in the US.


Established in November 22, 1989 as “Real Estate Counselor Committee” within Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisers, it was accredited as a Specific Non-Profit Organization in April 2006, the form known at the present day.

Purpose of Establishment

The Association was established for the purpose of raising public awareness of the importance of knowledge and expertise in real estate counseling, while training and providing qualification to “real estate counselors” to advise on real estate utilization and asset value analysis in a comprehensive and effective manner in order to cope with changes in the society. The Association will also support appropriate and effective utilization and management of real estate in Japan by enforcing a code of ethics for the counselors to make contribution to interests of the society.



Head Office Level 4, Shiroyama Trust Tower 4-3-1 Toranomon Minato-kuTokyo 105-6004, JAPAN
Telephone: +81- 3-6435-9535  Facsimile: +81-3-6435-9536

URL https://www.jarec.jp/english/index.html
Osaka Office

Daitaku Bldg.14,5F 2-3-7 Fushimimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0044,Japan
Within Solution Japan Co.,Ltd.
Telephone: +81- 6-6228-0678  Facsimile: +81-6-6228-0864

Board of Ditrctors

Title Name
President Hiroshi MOKI
Vice-President Hiroyuki ISOBE
Vice-President(Chairman, Operation &. Training Committee) Katsutoshi MIWA
Vice-President(Chairman, Business Planning Committee) Shogo ONO
Executive Director(Chairman, General Affairs, Finance and Affairs organization Committee) Shotaro MORII
Executive Director(Chairman, Qualification Screening and Approval Committee) Ichiro KUMAZAWA
Executive Director(Chairman, CRE • PRE Strategic management Committee) Shinji MURAKI
Executive Director(Chairman, Public Relations Committee) Tetsuya OGAWA
Executive Director(Chairperson, International Relations Committee) Yumiko KIKUCHI
Executive Director Naruya MATSUDA
Director Tamotsu TOBARI
Director Yoshio SUZUKI
Director Takeo KUGE
Director Satoshi ISHIKAWA
Director Yukiko ENDO
Director Toshifumi KURATA
Director Kojiro MURAKAMI
Director Katsunori FUKUDA
Auditor Shigeru HIRAKAWA
Auditor Tomonori ISHIWATA
Special Advisor Masayasu KITAGAWA
Advisor Yasuhiko NAKAJO
Counselor Shuzo MASUDA
Counselor Hiroshi KAWANO
Counselor Masayuki YOSHIMURA

Our Objectives

We respond to the current society's demand for“ true professionals.”

While there are enormous reconstruction activities required in the areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, the Kumamoto Earthquake of April 2016 has caused huge damages in Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures. We are aiming to be an expert organization that would contribute to the society through various real estate advisory services and project executions based on our profound knowledge against natural disasters such as recent two earthquakes as we had contributed against the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995.
Selection of Tokyo as the hosting city for 2020 Olympic Games has given us a hope. The society's needs that have been leaning toward “shift from public to private sector” will temporarily likely shift back to public sector-lead needs as“ reconstruction from the Greeat East Japan Earthquake” and“ preparation for the Tokyo Olympics” take form. We will strive hard to gather our professional wisdom so that we will be able to provide advice as to such issues as building infrastructures.

Providing support to improve member's aptitude

 As a part of our activities to support our members to improve their aptitude, we sponsor various events including workshops, seminars and lectures.
We continually work to improve the quality of our members by holding workshops to identify new requirements by the society and how to accommodate them.

Scope of Business

1. Raising public awareness of knowledge and expertise on real estate counseling
2. Survey, research and advise in the areas of real estate counseling
3. Providing information and publication on real estate counseling
4. Interchange with other real estate counseling-related organizations in Japan and abroad
5. Education and certification of Real Estate Counselors and Advisors for Property Strategy
6. Introduction and dispatch of Real Estate Counselors and Advisors for Property Strategy

About employees/members/
registered certified professionals

The Association comprises its employees, 4 types of membership and registered certified professionals.

available via
Regular member × Members-only
Individuals wishing to be a member in support of the Association’s objectives
(Certified member) Member-only
Individuals certified by the Association wishing to be a member in support of the Association’s objectives
Supporting member (individual) × Member-only
Individuals wishing to be a member in support of the Association’s objectives by cooperating with the activities of certified members
Corporate member × × Member-only
Corporations and organizations wishing to be a member in support of the Association’s objectives by providing support to the Association’s activities
Adviser for Property Strategy  (Associate Member) × Member-only
Individuals designated as Adviser for Property Strategy by the Association and those wishing to be a member in support of the Association's objectives