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Our Activities

The Association is a nationwide organization for “Real Estate Counselors” comprising individuals with expertise and high level of professional ethics in counseling business covering a wide area of real estate (individual, combined, cities), who may or may not have national qualification in the related field. It has been involved in a wide range of activities including raising public awareness of knowledge and expertise on real estate counseling, surveys/research/advisory, and development of human resources and accreditation.

Certification by the Association 

The Association sponsors training programs to educate two types of specialists,“ Real Estate Counselor” and“ Advisor for Property Strategy” in order to train and educate experts on real estate to accommodate the society's demand.

Real Estate Counselor 

Real Estate Counselor is an expert in the field of real estate accredited by the JAREC that meets our list of qualification requirements.
Real Estate Counselor has the ability to deal with various issues involving properties, ranging from management of private assets to government or corporate-related matters.
Real Estate Counselor shall provide advisory, guidance, and support services required for each issue in the field of real estate.
Real Estate Counselor will be providing counseling services in the following 5 specific fields:

Five Specific Areas of Real Estate Counseling

The Association is setting up a clear business vision and strategy to deepen and widen our activities as industry experts.

Looking ahead, we intend to focus on the following 5 specific areas in collaboration with experts in various other areas.

Advisor for Property Strategy

Advisor for Property Strategy is an accreditation designed for individuals who are in the position to drive property strategies that are directly associated with the management and business planning in a corporation, organization or local government.
As at April 2021, there are 407 certified advisors. They are currently active in each specialized areas nationwide.

The flow from Advisor for Property Strategy to Real Estate Counselor

Basic lectures for both Phase 1 and 2 in accreditation workshop shall be held by webinar.
The workshop for case studies shall be by attendance.

Becoming a member of RICS

We have signed an agreement on business collaboration with RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) in Hong Kong on November 7, 2012. With this, the Association's “Real Estate Counselor” is now qualified to be the member of RICS (MRICS) provided that he/she meets certain requirements (participation in workshops, etc.).

Collaboration with RICS

1.JAREC and RICS shall mutually collaborate in holding educational training programs and seminars.
2.Allow members of JAREC who meet certain requirements (Certified Real Estate Counselor) to register as members of RICS in accordance with RICS' direct entry program.
3.JAREC and RICS shall continue to cooperate in joint survey and research and establishing guidelines to contribute to the industry's further development.
The Association's Real Estate Counselor may register in the following 17 fields:
① Building Control
② Building Surveying
③ Commercial Property
④ Dispute Resolution
⑤ Environment and Resources
⑥ Facilities Management
⑦ Geomatics
⑧ Machinery and Business Assets
⑨ Management Consultancy
⑩ Minerals and Waste Management
⑪ Planning and Development
⑫ Personal Property / Antiques and Fine Arts
⑬ Project Management
⑭ Quantity Surveying and Construction
⑮ Residential Property
⑯ Rural
⑰ Valuation

Participation in international conference

Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers, Valuers and Counselors was held in May 1994 at Yokohama where the Association participated for the first time.
We were formally recognized as a sponsoring member at the conference held in Australia, in Sydney, in 1996.
We have been sending speakers since the Sydney conference and participating in discussions with participating members.

History of Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers, Valuers and Counselors( PPC)

With the United States and Australia serving as the main members, PPC has been holding a conference every other year since its first conference held in Sydney, Australia in 1959. Following is the details of past conferences.

Year Host city Host country
No. 1 1959 Sydney Australia
No. 2 1961 San Francisco USA
No. 3 1963 Wellington New Zealand
No. 4 1966 Tokyo Japan
No. 5 1969 Sydney Australia
No. 6 1971 Manila Philippines
No. 7 1973 San Francisco USA
No. 8 1975 Rotorua New Zealand
No. 9 1977 Vancouve Canada
No. 10 1979 Tokyo Japan
No. 11 1981 Melbourne Australia
No. 12 1983 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
No. 13 1986 Hawaii USA
No. 14 1988 Christchurch New Zealand
No. 15 1990 Seoul South Korea
No. 16 1992 Calgary Canada
No. 17 1994 Yokohama※1 Japan
No. 18 1996 Sydney Australia
No. 19 1998 Singapore Singapore
No. 20 2000 Auckland New Zealand
No. 21 2002 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
No. 22 2004 Taipei Taiwan
No. 23 2006 San Francisco USA
No. 24 2008 Seoul South Korea
No. 25 2010 Bali Indonesia
No. 26 2012 Melbourne Australia
No. 27 2014 Singapore Singapore
No. 28 2016 Kyoto Japan
No. 29 2018 Tijuana Mexico
No. 30 2021 Kuala Lunpur ※2 Malaysia
※1 The Association participated for the first time at Yokohama Conference and was formerly recognized as a sponsoring member at Conference No. 18 held in Sydney.
※2 October 4-6, 2021 at virtual conference

local public entities, corporations and private individuals

“Real Estate Counselor” is the title given to those professionals that hold high level of expertise in the field of counseling pertinent to real estate with high work ethics.