Advisor for Propeerty Strategy | JAREC


Management and business planning of corporations, organizations or local governments

JAREC has established a training curriculum designed to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills required for property strategies, including Corporate Real Estate(CRE) and Public Real Estate(PRE) strategies, in a short term.
Those individuals who participated and completed the curriculum and were found eligible after screening shall be certified and registered as“ JAREC Certified Advisor for Property Strategy.”

Who is Advisor for Property Strategy?

Certification system for advisor for property strategy

“JAREC Certified Advisor for Property Strategy” is a private certification system to educate and accredit specialists who work in the context of driving property strategies directly tied to management or business plan in corporate, organization or government sectors or third-party professionals who support them.
This certification system by the Association is the only available system that provides comprehensive yet focused training curriculum and certification for specialists. The importance of CRE or PRE strategy is gradually being recognized by the people in the industry through guidelines by MLIT, various publications and seminars, but in reality there is an overwhelming shortage of qualified professionals who can actually plan and execute these strategies.
The business environment surrounding real estate merger and acquisitions or corporations are rapidly changing, and there is also heightened demand for effective use of public real estate from the perspective of management of governmental bodies. Against these backdrops, the demand for property strategy specialists is expected to grow even further.

We recommend the curriculum for these individuals:

・Those who aspire to be property experts
・Those in local government in charge of real estate management and operation
・Those in charge of finance, property administration, or real estate (strategies, facility management, etc.) division in corporation
・Those in real estate company, information system or financial institution that provides support for CRE and PRE strategy
・Those working in facility management, asset management or property management company
・Certified professionals in other fields (licensed in the area of law, architecture, real estate, medical, finance, etc.)
・Management in medium and small-sized business
・Those providing consulting services of medium and small-sized business management or succession of business
・Those providing consulting services of corporate restructuring
・Those who are applying for above positions

The areas to leverage the acquired skills is expanding

With the certification, there will be wide areas that would enable leveraging the acquired knowledge and skills. These include becoming an expert on driving corporate property strategy in a firm, real estate company, financial institution or consulting firm that provides services to support corporate or government property strategy.
Furthermore, for professionals with other certificates and titles, including real estate appraiser, licensed tax accountant, CPA, Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant and Real Estate Counselor, to become a certified Advisor for Property Strategy would widen their scope of activities which would enable them to provide consultation in more comprehensive context directly tied to management decisions.

When certified as Advisor for Property Strategy:

・The list of registered advisors is made available via the Association's website.
・A registered trademark of the title,“ Advisor for Property Strategy,” may be displayed or printed on CV and business cards.
・By attending training sessions held annually by JAREC, you are able to continue to update your knowledge and gain the latest information.
・You become eligible to be the Associate member of JAREC, and 5 years after the registration and 3 years of experience on the job, you are certified as“ JAREC certified Real Estate Counselor,” the certification of an expert in real estate.